Information Management is one of the six core service offerings from netlogx, and in a lot of different ways, it is the underlying practice for all our services. Despite this, I often find myself in situations where I need to really elaborate on what Information Management looks like and why it is so important to every company or industry in existence. To do this, I usually use my experience as a paralegal to frame how netlogx can help companies understand and deploy good information management practices.

As a paralegal I was practicing personal injury and disability law which required me to touch several different agencies with the personal information of our clients. This could range from social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, proof of income, medical records, criminal records, etc., the list could go on. With our mediation, we would be exchanging this information with insurance companies, the social security administration, medical providers, and internally as well. This meant that we had to manage this information from a HIPAA compliant perspective since we were handling medical information.

One of the things we had to be conscientious of as we handled cases was what information we were exchanging and with who. We regularly updated our case management system with different metrics for what we could say on a phone call and what we couldn’t. Typically, the protocol was that we would ask the client for a general disclosure agreement on the basis that we would not mishandle their information, if any non-typical information requests were made by an agency we would reach out to the client.

In this scenario, netlogx would have been a great partner to come in and assess how we, as a firm, were handling our client information. There were several instances where I wondered if we could have been doing a better job of being secure with the information we were handling regularly, we didn’t even use privacy screens. For a law firm, information is literally the only source of income. Being able to use information in a way that maximizes revenue for the firm, yet also maintains the security and individual integrity of the data, is the desired outcome for any law firm, and netlogx can deliver that.