Members of the netlogx team recently attended the 1st Annual Great Lakes Women’s Business Council Symposium. The symposium positioned itself as one of the largest opportunities to meet outstanding Women Business Enterprises in the Indiana and Michigan region. As a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) and member of Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) through the Great Lakes Women’s Business Council (GL-WBC), it was important for netlogx to attend the 1st annual symposium held in Indiana to show support for GL-WBC’s efforts to move events outside of Michigan to provide greater access to the Indiana members.


netlogx provided volunteers for the event, exhibited at the WBE Exchange, and took advantage of the many networking opportunities throughout the event, including the Meet the Buyers session with supplier diversity representatives from many top companies and organizations. This opportunity to meet with potential clients during the vendor sessions was highly beneficial. The team members had the opportunity to network with key players to foster new opportunities for netlogx, nurture ongoing relationships, and update current contracts.

Not only was the event a valuable networking event, but two netlogx team members, Sara Jones and Tyler Fosnaugh, spoke during a session about the basics and benefits of business process mapping, from improving profit margins to laying the foundation for further regrowth and so much more. Their workshop positioned them as experts in their field and displayed how netlogx can help leverage and implement business process mapping skills for a company’s success.


After covering the basics of business process mapping, Sara and Tyler guided the audience through an interactive demonstration to apply the steps of business process mapping. They also provided meaningful, practical tips and tricks the business owners could take back to their own companies to help them get started mapping their business processes.

WBE’s account for 5% of all business nationally, and during the symposium, the netlogx team learned about the importance of resources, coaching, and training to help women-owned businesses develop strong companies. One of these indispensable resources for a woman-owned business is the WBE certification which opens up many opportunities.

The keynote speaker of the symposium, Susan Phillips Bari, President Emeritus of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC),  founded the council in 1997. She was appointed by past Presidents to leadership positions of both the Council on Women’s Business Enterprise and the National Women’s Business Council. Susan talked about the challenges she and other women faced when she was starting out in business in the 1970’s. She spoke about the lessons she learned on the importance of having patience and doing your homework, but above all, her key message to the audience was to keep showing up.

Thanks to the Great Lakes Women’s Business Council for their continued support of women-owned businesses (like our own) and for providing educational programming.