If you’re anything like me, then you might despise drinking water. Perhaps you don’t care for the simple or boring taste of water.  Or you just can’t stand having to constantly go to the bathroom. Regardless of the reason water seems to be your enemy. And trust me, everyone judges you for it. But here I was, starting a new job when I received an email asking for participants for the 2019 Water Challenge, and I thought to myself “New job, new Ashlee. Why don’t I continue to challenge myself?” And so, it began: my first ever water challenge. It was the first time I had to make myself drink more water.


The Water Challenge lasted only 14 days, and I was sure I could keep up with that and support my team to a victory. This challenge, as simple as it was (drink water and record it), proved to be much more difficult to me than I had anticipated. I hate drinking water so much in fact, that I make jokes “my body is in a constant state of dehydration”. After only the first day, I discovered I had to make a trip to the bathroom every hour (if not twice). I realized my mistake: perhaps a water challenge wasn’t my preferred wellness challenge. But I still believed in the value of wellness challenges and striving to be a healthier version of myself, I decided to stick with it (my team was counting on me, of course). I then decided the best approach for me to survive this challenge wasn’t to force myself to drink all eight 8 ounces every day, but to push myself towards my own personal goal, which was to drink more water in general. And that was how I began to enjoy the Water Challenge.

I started drinking what I thought was

  1. accomplishable for myself and,
  2. enough to truly push myself into being more hydrated.

This allowed me to work towards my goal while not being “miserable” in the wellness challenge I gladly accepted. In the end, my team was defeated by a close 2-ounce difference, but I realized that wasn’t what mattered. What I learned from participating in the 2019 Water Challenge was that I can push myself to be healthier in ways I didn’t think I could. And after 14 long days of the Water Challenge, I find myself craving water more now than I ever did before! This happens to be a bonus to my original goal of drinking more water for myself in general. Thanks to the Water Challenge, I can now say that I’m a little bit healthier.

So, drink up! Drink a little more water (or try other mini wellness goals) than you normally do.  And push yourself even if you think you can’t by identifying your goals and limitations.  Maybe you, too, can become a little bit healthier.