Green Project Management by Joel Gutzki

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I recently finished reading Green Project Management by Richard Maltzman and David Shirley. A few years old now, it won the 2011 Project Management Institute (PMI) David I. Cleland Literature Award, presented to those who significantly advance concepts and knowledge in the field of Project Management. There are many detailed chapters, but I will highlight [...]

Security Management – What is it, and why is it important? by Clayton Calvert

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Do the recent stories about cybersecurity attacks and holding organizations’ data hostage make you pause and wonder how secure the data at your organization is?  Hello. We're netlogx and we are here to keep you safe in a dangerous world - let us guide you and your business to work smarter. The following information will [...]

Do You Feel Secure? by Niquita Stephenson

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Ransomware is a form of malware that locks your computer system down by encrypting your documents and/or files that you would access on any regular day.  Basically, making files and operations inaccessible until the malicious software is removed, or a ransom is paid. Ransomware can cause disruption in your business, but it is not unstoppable. [...]

A Candid Conversation: Sex, Power, and the STEM Workplace by Sapphire Strategy

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Since the #MeToo movement has happened, women have been candidly talking about power and sex in the workplace. Typically, these conversations would be considered taboo, even insubordinate in the office, especially if you were talking about a higher-ranking official in the company. No, those conversations were held for an outside lunch, or meeting a colleague [...]

Don’t Be Complacent About Your Compliance by Diane Walton

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Say the word “compliance” and oftentimes it generates groans and eye rolls.  Compliance is considered a necessary evil by many.  It’s not that people are against doing the right thing.  It’s because compliance is perceived as time consuming and costly in terms of non-billable resources.   As the compliance manager for netlogx, a consulting services company [...]